Jun 18, 2010

Book Suggestions Needed.

I have just officially finished reading completely through the Bible at the beginning of this week. It was such a wonderfully growing experience. In the last couple of days I have begun to do some reading on the first topic I mentioned in my previous entry - friendship.  I'm reading the concordance verses (along with the contextual verses) that are listed for "friendship" and I can tell that I'm going to need to look into some more resources and do some more digging if I want this to be a meaningful learning experience. So, does anyone have any suggestions? Any study books that have helped you in this area of your life? 

You use steel to sharpen steel,
and one friend sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17

Haha, I couldn't resist putting these songs on here.


Margie said...

hahaha! this song is classic. I always think of "friends are friends forever, when you're here at summer camp.." :)
Anyway, C.S.Lewis' Four Loves is a must read in regards to friendship and love. It's powerful.

Lady Maphet said...

Yeah, I was thinking that C.S. Lewis is the only person I can think of who has written a lot about friendship. Many novels are about friendship but the subject itself doesn't seem to be discussed much. I listened to a great Tim Keller sermon on friendship the other day. Here is a link for that: