May 19, 2010

Not much to say today

Last week Jeremy and I had a wonderful time down in Corolla, NC. We spent the week just relaxing and enjoying the company of some really great friends.  It was awesome to spend my quiet times listening to the crashing of the waves and the call of the various sea birds. Even though I had wonderful times of reading God's Word and praying, I really didn't have anything "journal worthy." I still feel the same.  I'm not sure what is going on in this heart of mine, but I just haven't felt connected. There are some biological excuses (PMS) that I could make, but I don't think that is the whole story here.  I'm praying about it a lot, but don't have any answers yet. I'm only making a journal entry now because I really don't want to get out of the habit. Also, I said I'd be open and honest with what's going on in my life. I guess that includes times like these, when I don't feel like there is a lot going on. 

In light of our vacation last week, I've been meditating on a few verses from Psalm 42 that were brought to my attention again through my Bible Study book this week. I'll end with them:

Chaos calls to chaos, 
to the tune of whitewater rapids. 

Your breaking surf, your thundering breakers 
crash and crush me.
Then God promises to love me all day, 

sing songs all through the night! 
My life is God’s prayer.
(Psalm 42: 7-8)

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Anonymous said...

It is so hard when we pray and do not feel or hear anything, but that is really when our faith grows. It is because His words says He is always listening that we keep going. No matter what we feel, His word never changes.

I am proud of your determination in learning from your Father. We are learning together. Love, Mom